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Kopano’s Open Source Collaboration Platform is well known as one of the best Microsoft Exchange alternatives. Those that migrated from Exchange to Kopano know that they can provide even more and better services and have seen their costs going even below those of Cloud services like Office365 and Google Apps.

While emails are a communication tool that is here to stay for a long time, some may want to communicate with faster tools and integrate other services that previously were completely separated from a standard email server. Kopano now provides all the communication tools you expect from the latest generation of Unified Communication solutions.


Manage your emails like a pro

WebApp helps you managing your email with a clean and comprehensive view of your personal and shared folders with an interface very similar to Microsoft Outlook.

As WebApp works with most browsers you won’t need to install any applications to manage your communications wherever you are.

Team calendars

Delegation lets you use your time as effectively as possible. Keep an overview of your team’s schedules with WebApp’s advanced calendaring features.

Planning meetings is also easy. Choose the participants and WebApp will find a time that fits everyone’s schedule. Need a meeting room? Add it to the schedule and make sure it is booked.


Your contacts always available

Have your contacts available anywhere. WebApp keeps track of everyone who’s important to you, and its business card overview makes it easy to search and view their details. Contacts are available on your smart phones and tablets with natively supported synchronization tools: no need to install an app!

Kopano, being an Open Source solution, allows total integration with your existing IT infrastructure and applications.
If you are a Developer (PHP, Python, Ext JS) and would like to create plug-ins or integrate Kopano with your applications then visit the Kopano Documentation Portal.

To evaluate Kopano you could try the on-line demo and download the community version.

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