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Kopano is a lot more than just a great email platform, it provides you with all the tools you require to collaborate in an effective and secure way.

The high quality video conferencing and instant messaging tools use peer to peer encrypted communication channels to transmit data so all your important meetings meet and exceed the privacy and the security levels you need to comply with.


Kopano WebMeetings and chat

Emails are still the most efficient way to send messages that don’t require an immediate reply but there is surely nothing better than being able to interact with colleagues, customers or suppliers in real time to exchange ideas.

Kopano integrates a video conference and instant messaging platform that allows you to interact with other people with the best tool for the task wherever you are.

With Kopano you can participate to web conferences using most browsers as it uses native components, such as WebRTC, so there is no need to install additional applications or wait for Java applets to load.

Presentations and screen sharing

Kopano WebMeetings allows you to share presentations and your desktop screen to deliver professional presentations, edit documents with the team or provide remote support sessions.

There is no need to book video conferencing rooms any more, all you need is just a browser. You can invite your colleagues, that set their on-line presence as “Available”, to instant web meetings and send external participants an email invitation in a couple of clicks.


High quality video conference

No need to purchase expensive video conferencing platforms anymore. When you need to exchange ideas with colleagues, suppliers or customers you can do it easily from your PC, laptop and even your smart phone.

Web Meetings is an integral part of WebApp, so getting started is easy. There is no need to install a plugin, even when you’re the host of the meeting!

Invite people in a click

Thanks to the integration with WebApp you can instantly add a meeting by clicking a button when writing an email or replying to one.

Scheduling a web meeting is just as easy as any other meeting: click the button and the Web Meetings plug-in will create your virtual meeting room and add the instructions for the participants to your meeting invitation.


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